Fax over the Internet
  • Easy to use options available, including:
  • Email fax, online / web fax, and API faxing
  • Low cost pricing starting at 3.49
  • High-quality support, based in the US

Internet Fax

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Internet Fax 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Internet fax allows you to send and receive faxes online through website, email or API methods. With your FAXAGE account, you can use any or all of these services.

Internet Fax Highlights

Online fax via our website is a great choice, offering you a number of exclusive, customizable tools and options. Through an account on our website, you can manage your documents, keep track of every fax you've sent and received, and take advantage of security settings. To make it even better, we give you unlimited online fax storage.

Email Fax is an attractive option because it's so familiar and easy to use. Our service converts each faxed document into a PDF attachment that you can open, print, or view right on your screen, including on smart phones and tablet computers. It's just as easy to send documents via email to any fax machine. All you have to do is address the email with the target fax number and the domain faxage.com. And FAXAGE is one of the few providers that includes unlimited email addresses without additional charges.

API Fax is perfect for service providers or enterprise customers that want a cloud based fax service that they can integrate into their existing systems or software. If you have any back-office systems that need faxing capabilities, our API supports programmatic fax sending and receiving as well as automated fax number provisioning and call-detail record collection. There are plenty of great opportunities for our Internet fax API option.

FAXAGE features some of the lowest cost online fax plans available anywhere with industry-leading secure internet fax options.

Internet Fax Plan Types

Internet Fax for Individuals Internet Fax for Business High Volume Internet Fax Internet Fax for Carrier and Enterprise
Plans start at $3.49 monthly Plans start at $19.95 Plans start at $64.95 15000+ minutes a month
Suitable for 0-600 faxes Suitable for 600-2000 faxes Suitable for 2000-15000 faxes Scalable to 1000s of DIDs
No contracts or commitments Best toll-free value Best outbound faxing value Enterprises & Service Providers

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