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Why choose FAXAGE?

  • Send and receive faxes with ease using our email fax, web fax or Fax API
  • Low cost - visit our fax pricing - help me choose to get up-front pricing
  • High-quality support, based entirely in the US
  • Includes unlimited users and storage at no additional cost
  • FAXAGE starts as low as 3.49 monthly, and can reliably scale to thousands of fax numbers and millions of faxes a month
  • Proven track record - delivering over a decade of quality, reliable and secure service

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20 Oct 2019 at 6:37pm

FAXAGE Review: So far so good

Its been great to have thus far. I get faxes very quickly and can send them just as fast with notification of arrival. Thank you for this service as I needed a professional fax number but didnt want a bulky machine.

16 Oct 2019 at 1:34pm

FAXAGE Review: Just what I need

I was skeptical about an online fax service initially, but couldn?t be happier! Sending and receiving faxes is simple and accurate. The system is easy to use and affordable for my small business.

16 Oct 2019 at 6:55am

FAXAGE Review: Amazing service and price

We switched from eFax to FAXAGE and we are very satisfied with the service, especially the price difference. The transition was very simple and easy.

9 Oct 2019 at 2:43pm

FAXAGE Review: good an affordable

This service has been easy to set up and use. I am very happy with the price for my small business.

4 Oct 2019 at 9:44am

FAXAGE Review: so far great

I have only been using Faxage for a short period of time. So far I have had zero issues with it. All of my questions so far have been listed in the self help.

2 Oct 2019 at 2:00pm


I have checked out other fax services and could not find one to fit my needs. That is when I stumbled across FAXAGE and I could not be more pleased! This service has made my small business move so much more efficiently and eases my workload. Customer support is prompt and actually answers your questions without sending you to several different loopholes. If you need a fax service, this is for you! You will be glad you signed up!

2 Oct 2019 at 2:33am


I came over to FAXAGE from a competitor who I had been with since 2004, 15 years. Seemed they always had little problems on detail and confirms, etc. I?ve been with FAXAGE only going to be 2 months and I?m not going anywhere. I think their website and prices are far above the rest. I didn?t even know I had a coupon when I signed up, so I didn?t use it. Somehow they knew it and applied credit to my account. I mean how many companies do that nowadays ? NONE. FAXAGE also impressed me with the confirmation page and detail with colors so you can see the differences, I do the same when i make spreadsheets, seems to help peoples eyes. Anyway A++ from here, from top to bottom. I?ve recommended it to at least 10 people and 5 have signed up including myself, so the company is doing something right. Thank you FAXAGE for my nice transition over and I appreciate your company, Kyle G.

1 Oct 2019 at 2:15pm

FAXAGE Review: Excellent service

We compared other HIPAA compliant fax services and found Faxage to be the most economical and easiest to use. Initially customer service answered all my questions and walked me through initial steps. Since then we have found the notifications about receiving, completing and receiving faxes clear and dependable.

26 Sep 2019 at 1:35pm

FAXAGE Review: Deliver what they promised

Faxage provides what they promise no more, no less. I'm a small business and it works really well for me. we've only been using their service a short time I have had no need to be in touch with customer service but I'm sure they'd be awesome too.

25 Sep 2019 at 9:01am

FAXAGE Review: Fax with good support

I had tried a different company for faxes and had problems. One of my colleagues mentioned Faxage, so I checked it out. Their documentation is the best I have ever seen. When I had a question, I submitted it and quickly received a useful answer. Their system is HIPAA compliant - they even have both of us sign a Business Associate document. I don't use faxes much, and was pleased that FAXAGE offers a low-cost way for me to continue doing my business without the high expense of a landline. Give them a try!

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FAXAGE Highlights


Our full set of features is included with every account. No ups or extras for security, API access, storage or users.


As you can see by many of these reviews, one of the most important things in an online fax service like FAXAGE is reliability. After trying some of the other services out there, our clients are pleasantly surprised by how ours just works.


Another thing that many clients mention in their online fax review is our pricing here at FAXAGE. We recognize how difficult it is to manage a business or be self-employed. So, when it comes to pricing, we try to meet our clients at their level of need. Our clients appreciate that there are price levels based on whether they're individuals, businesses, carriers, or volume users. They also love the great value they get at every level.

Customer Service

In the event that you experience an issue, you'll want to be able to get in touch with support staff from your service provider and get prompt help. Our customer support is second to none, with several different ways to contact us: website contact form, email, and phone. Our support staff is based in the United States, further underscoring our commitment to service. We also have extensive documentation and a FAQ to help you address any issues you may have.

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