Internet Fax API by FAXAGE

FAXAGE offers a solid, comprehensive API that allows our service to be used as a fax back end - integrated into your systems or software.

When we say comprehensive, we mean it. The FAXAGE API can be used to send and receive faxes, gather sent fax images and transmittal pages, provision DIDs, enable and disable (busy out) DIDs, access CDRs, get realtime status, can be polled or can push sent and received fax notifications, check local number portability, manage users, retrieve system audit logs and more.

In short - the FAXAGE API has all the pieces you would need to set up your own fax service or fax-enable just about any application workflow imaginable.

API capabilities are available with any FAXAGE account. No 'special' account or setup required. Visit our fax pricing - help me choose to get up-front pricing.

Competitor APIs are often lacking in terms of functionality and scalability - FAXAGE offers comprehensive functionality and successfully scales for clients with tens of thousands of DIDs and millions of minutes a month in traffic; providing consistent, fast service 24x7x365.

Sign up for our fax service and start developing right away, with the confidence of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why choose FAXAGE?

  • Proven - Our Fax API has been providing reliable service since 2006
  • Scalable - Tens of thousands of DIDs and millions of faxes a month
  • Comprehensive - Send and receive faxes, CDR access, provision and control DIDs
  • Straightforward - HTTPS interface with example code for Perl, PHP, Java and .Net
  • Accountable - We operate our own infrastructure; the buck stops here

Faxing Plan Types

  • Plans start at $3.49 monthly
  • Suitable for 0-600 faxes
  • No contracts or commitments
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  • Plans start at $19.95
  • Suitable for 600-2000 faxes
  • Best toll-free fax value
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  • Plans start at $64.95
  • Suitable for 2000-15000 faxes
  • Best outbound faxing value
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  • 15000+ minutes a month
  • Scalable to 1000s of DIDs
  • Enterprises & Service Providers
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