Fax Number Porting

To see if your current fax number is portable to FAXAGE Internet Fax service, please enter it below.

You must first have a FAXAGE account to port a number. The way this process works is:

  • Step 1 - Sign Up for our Internet Fax service and we will assign you a fax number as part of that process.
  • Step 2 - Submit the porting paperwork (generated here) to us.
  • Step 3 - When your port request is completed, we will swap your number for the number we had temporarily assigned.

Porting a fax number generally takes 10 business days and there is a $20.00 one-time charge.

Porting process notes

  • If you would like to transfer an existing toll-free fax number to us, please Contact Us for the required form.
  • This process only checks whether FAXAGE offers Internet Fax services using numbers in your local area and is not a guarantee that your current fax number can be ported to FAXAGE or any other provider. If in doubt, we highly recommend that you contact your current provider to verify your ownership and ability to port your current fax number.
  • We will gladly offer a refund in the event that your existing fax number is not portable.
  • You remain the owner of any fax number you port to FAXAGE Internet Fax services. This means you retain the right to port your fax number elsewhere should you choose to do so.

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