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Internet Fax by the Minute

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FAXAGE offers some of the lowest cost Internet Fax Services available. Billing by the minute is another way that FAXAGE saves you money.

Billing by the Minute

Q: How long will a page take to transmit?

A: This depends on the complexity of the page as well as the speed and compression capabilities of the Fax machine that FAXAGE is receiving from and sending to. In a best-case scenario, where the page is simple and the remote machine is a high-end machine with capabilities similar to our equipment, pages can go across in under 10 seconds a page. An average estimate is about 30-45 seconds per page. For example, a one-page fax will always take at least one minute due to time spent handshaking before the fax really transmits, but 1 1/2 minutes would be a fair estimate for an 'average' two-page fax.

Q: How do I estimate my usage?

A: If you assume that one page is equal to one minute, that's generally safe. Usually you will do slightly better than that if you send faxes that are longer than one page.

Q: How do I know how many minutes I'm using?

A: FAXAGE provides realtime tracking of your usage throughout each month. This is available as a report at any time in the FAXAGE website.

Internet Fax Plan Types

Internet Fax for Individuals Internet Fax for Business High Volume Internet Fax Internet Fax for Carrier and Enterprise
Plans start at $3.49 monthly Plans start at $19.95 Plans start at $64.95 15000+ minutes a month
Suitable for 0-600 faxes Suitable for 600-2000 faxes Suitable for 2000-15000 faxes Scalable to 1000s of DIDs
No contracts or commitments Best toll-free value Best outbound faxing value Enterprises & Service Providers

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