Internet Fax Features

On this page, we feature the technical specifications you need to make sure that FAXAGE can accommodate your specific needs and workflow.

For more detailed information, visit our Email Fax, Online Fax and API Faxing Documentation

Software Formats

You'll be pleased to know that our service includes a number of software formats that you can send your faxes in. In addition to the fax PDF online format, you'll be able to send images and Word documents with ease. FAXAGE also supports the ability to receive fax PDF online by default, and TIFF as an alternative.

You can send faxes in the following formats (with no additional software):
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Adobe PostScript (.ps)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft Word Template (.dot)
  • Microsoft Word 2007+ (.docx)
  • Microsoft Word 2007+ Template (.dotx)
  • Microsoft Works (.wps)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007+ (.xlsx)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2007+ (.pptx)
  • OpenOffice Writer Document (.odt)
  • OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • WordPerfect (.wpd)
  • Comma-separated CSV (.csv)
  • HTML (.htm, .html)
  • TIFF Image (.tif, .tiff)
  • JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • Bitmap Image (.bmp)
  • GIF Image (.gif)
  • PNG Image (.png)
  • WebP Image (.webp)
  • Plain Text (.txt)
  • HP Printer Control Language (.pcl)

Other Features

There are plenty of other features that make FAXAGE a pleasure to use. Some of the highlights include a clean interface on our website, and the ability to send multiple documents per fax, including documents of different types. For example, you can fax PDF online, as well as Word documents and images. In addition, our online fax service allows you to send and receive faxes through the website, email, or API fax.

Check out the list below for more information.

  • Clean, easy to use online fax interface
  • Supports multiple documents per fax - any combination of our supported document types
  • Supports receiving faxes in PDF or TIFF formats - PDF by default
  • Send faxes via web site, email to fax, mobile app, and/or API Fax from your software
  • Receive faxes via web site, fax to email, mobile app and/or custom web API
  • Unlimited users/emails that you create at no additional per-user fee
  • Unlimited folders that you create and manage for storing all of your faxes at no additional fee
  • Capability to create fax lists for automated faxing and to quickly find a contact to send them a fax, including CSV file upload list creation
  • Security on a per-user, per-folder and per-line basis ensures that some lines or folders can be kept 'private'
  • Ability to automatically forward received faxes to multiple users' email addresses on a per-fax-number basis
  • Outbound fax status notification via web site and/or email on a per-job basis. Download status to CSV from our web site for offline analysis
  • A custom cover sheet logo can be added to personalize your faxes
  • Capability to customize system messages for email to fax and fax to email, allowing your users to see 'your' fax service, if desired
  • Industry-leading secure Internet Fax features including:
    • TLS/SSL encryption for the online fax and API fax interfaces
    • Email fax server-to-server TLS/SSL encryption support
    • Email fax PGP support
    • Incoming email fax password protected PDFs

Further Benefits

In addition to these technical features, like fax PDFs online that are password protected, FAXAGE is proud to offer a number of other valuable benefits to its customers. Our prices are unmatched in the business, and cater to users at every level. We have excellent customer support and documentation if you ever have an issue that needs to be addressed. Our fax service is also very reliable, which is important when you're dealing with sensitive documents throughout your workday.

The fact is, from our exceptional technical features to our great service, FAXAGE is one of the best online fax services in the business. For more information, check out user reviews, browse our site, or contact us. We look forward to helping you enjoy easy, convenient, and affordable Internet faxing very soon!

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