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All of us at FAXAGE are proud of the versatility that our customers can find in our faxing service. It's become more than just an electronic way to send faxes - It's also a cloud based solution on the Internet that savvy customers can integrate into their existing applications using the Internet Fax API.

The FAXAGE Internet Fax API allows for the FAXAGE service to be used as a fax back end - integrated into your systems or software. The API can be used to fax-enable ERP and other back-office systems that need the capability to fax. It can also be used to create a white label fax service - allowing you to get into the email fax business while avoiding expensive infrastructure and R&D investments.

Internet Fax API Highlights

  • Standard HTTPS POST interface allows integration using nearly any programming language

  • Supports programmatic fax sending and receiving.

  • Provides call detail record gathering for accounting or downstream billing.

  • Allows for automated fax number provisioning. We supply local fax numbers in all 48 Continental US states, plus Alaska and Washington D.C., covering over 134,000 exchanges and toll-free fax numbers covering all of the US and Canada.

What are scenarios where you would use FAXAGE Internet Fax API? Companies might use it for automated invoicing and order confirmations in their accounting department. Restaurants might use it to have orders placed on their website automatically faxed to the kitchen for quick fulfillment. You might use it to fax work orders as part of a workflow management system. Whatever the reason, the integration gives you total control and flexibility.

In our FAXAGE Internet Fax API, there are nine different basic operations: six for sending and three for receiving. The six send-related operations are:

  • Sendfax - Send a fax programatically
  • Status - Check status of a sent fax
  • Dlstatus - Download a sent fax image
  • Dltrans - Download a sent fax transmittal page
  • Clear - Remove a sent fax when it's done
  • Stopfax - Cancel a pending send fax request

The three receiving-related operations are:

  • Listfax - List received faxes
  • Getfax - Retrieve a received fax as a PDF or TIFF
  • Delfax - Remove a received fax

In addition to these nine basic operations, there are a handful of other operations for specialized tasks such as fax number DID provisioning and call detail record gathering. We offer example code in Perl, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, and Progress. Regardless of your coding environment, the standard HTTPS POST interface will make integration a snap.

All of our low cost Internet Fax accounts have the capability to access and use the API at no additional charge.

For more details, Download our FAXAGE API Faxing Documentation or visit our Internet Fax Documentation.

Internet Fax Plan Types

Internet Fax for Individuals Internet Fax for Business High Volume Internet Fax Internet Fax for Carrier and Enterprise
Plans start at $3.49 monthly Plans start at $19.95 Plans start at $64.95 15000+ minutes a month
Best up to 600 faxes a month Suitable for 600-2000 faxes Suitable for 2000-15000 faxes Scalable to 1000s of DIDs
No contracts or commitments Best toll-free value Best outbound faxing value Enterprises & Service Providers

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