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How to Send a Fax Online

Online faxing is a major step up from traditional faxing using physical fax machines. It's convenient to use, much more affordable, and full of great features that you just couldn't have without the newer technology. For example, it's possible to send multiple documents via the same fax, as well as sending multiple faxes at the same time. You can also set up automatic faxing with fax lists.

With FAXAGE, there are four different ways to send faxes: email, website, Microsoft Office, and API. Many of our users take advantage of a combination of the different options.

In general, here's how sending a fax on FAXAGE works:

Method 1 - Send Faxes with Email (aka Email to Fax)

1) Compose an email to (number) For example, addressing an email to would mean that you want to send a fax to 303-555-1212.

2) Attach the file or files you wish to send. These can be any combination of our supported file types. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for a list.

3) Send the email.

4) The FAXAGE system will send you an acknowledgement of receipt of your email and will send you a status email when the job has completed.

Our email to fax documentation is available at Internet Fax Documentation for more advanced options.

Send Fax Through Email

Here's an example of how fax from email might be used: Say you have a legal document that you want to fax to an attorney, but you would prefer to send email to fax the document to the recipient. If the document is already on the computer, you can simply attach it in your email and address the email to the attorney's fax number at the domain. If it's a physical document, you do the same thing after scanning the document into your computer.

You can email multiple attached documents per fax, and you can fax to multiple users simultaneously, all from your email.

Method 2 - Send Faxes Online using our Website

1) Log in to the FAXAGE website.

2) Click 'send' on the menu.

3) Follow the prompts to specify destination, upload files, etc.

Our website application documentation is available at Internet Fax Documentation for a more detailed explanation

Send Fax Through Website

Here's a closer look at sending a fax through the website. Similar to how you send a fax through email, you can upload your documents, designate the recipients by their fax number, and send multiple documents to multiple recipients simultaneously. The website fully supports uploading or manually entering a fax list, making it easy to send faxes to everyone on your list in a single send operation.

Further benefits of the website include the ease with which you can track all of the faxes you've sent and received. Even faxes sent through one of the other options (email, Microsoft Office, or API) appear in your website status tracking. Plus, if you visit our website from your smart phone or tablet, you have a great way to manage all of your faxes on the go.

Method 3 - Send faxes with Microsoft Office
Click to see instructions for sending faxes with Microsoft Office
Method 4 - Send Faxes via API from your Application
We offer an API method for programmers to build fax sending capabilities into their applications. Please visit API Fax Service for more details and example code.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sending Faxes

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Q: What types of files can I send?
A: The following types of files are supported:
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Adobe PostScript (.ps)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft Word Template (.dot)
  • Microsoft Word 2007-2013 (.docx)
  • Microsoft Word 2007-2013 Template (.dotx)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007-2013 (.xlsx)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2007-2013 (.pptx)
  • OpenOffice Writer Document (.odt)
  • OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • Comma-separated CSV (.csv)
  • HTML (.htm, .html)
  • TIFF Image (.tif, .tiff)
  • JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • Bitmap Image (.bmp)
  • GIF Image (.gif)
  • Plain Text (.txt)
  • HP Printer Control Language (.pcl)
Q: Do you support International or off-shore faxes?
A: FAXAGE supports sending faxes to all 50 United States and Canada only at this time. Off-shore and International (other than Canada) destinations are not supported.
Q: What about sending faxes that are 'on paper' (not electronic files)?
A: Unfortunately, it is the nature of an Internet fax service that we can only support sending electronic files. Generally, people either use a fax machine to fax these to their FAXAGE number, which results in an electronic copy that can be re-faxed, or they use a scanner to scan them in and then fax them.
Q: How do I know the status of faxes I send?
A: A status email is sent to you for each fax you send when the job completes (either success or failure - including the reason such as a busy number if it fails). In addition, you can log in to the FAXAGE web site and see a spreadsheet-like status report for all the faxes you send. This status report can also be downloaded into Excel for further analysis.
Q: Do you support blast-faxing?
A: Our system can technically support uploading or manually entering a 'list' into the website. You can then send using the website interface, which will allow you to send the same fax to everyone on your list in a single send operation. Note that our Terms of Service do prohibit sending unsolicited faxes. List-based faxing is supported for those who are in full compliance with all required regulations in doing so.

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