Unlimited Internet Fax

Unlimited fax refers to the concept that we do not automatically apply overage charges to an account based on usage. However, there are reasonable capacity commitments that are required based on volume. Please read below for explanations and see our Terms of Service for the definition of what is included when you sign up for FAXAGE Internet Fax services.

The commitments described below are imposed to ensure that capacity is available to all customers on a fair basis.

In comparing our structure with competitive services, please be sure to ask what, specifically, is included in their definition of unlimited. All providers that we are aware of cap utilization at some point (and most just charge overages at per-page rates once the cap is reached). The advantages with FAXAGE are:

  1. We offer the ability to purchase appropriate capacity at flat rates.
  2. 5,000 minutes is the most generous allowance per line of any provider that we are aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions about Unlimited Fax Services

A: In order to ensure that fax jobs complete in a reasonably timely fashion and so that one user does not monopolize capacity for extended periods of time, FAXAGE requires that you purchase one line for every 5,000 minutes of monthly fax sending or fax receiving usage, or increment thereof. On the Unlimited plan at $64.95/mo per line, this equates to about 1.3 cents per minute - a very cost effective option for high volume fax sending. For Unlimited Inbound at $19.95/mo per line, the cost works out to roughly 0.4 cents per minute - high volume fax receiving is very economical at this price.
A: On the Unlimited or Toll-Free Unlimited Outbound plans, each line you buy allows you to send or receive one fax simultaneously. You can queue up as many faxes as you like, but they will only go out at a rate of 1 per line on the account at a time. For example, if you purchased two lines they would go out two at a time, or three at a time if you purchased three lines.

Please see our section on Internet Fax Lines and Fax Numbers for a more detailed explanation as to how this works.

Note that, on the Unlimited plan, if your line or lines are in use for sending, they cannot simultaneously receive faxes - callers will get a busy signal.

A: For every 5,000 minutes, or increment thereof, utilized in a month you need to purchase at least one 'line' on your plan. Each line on the Unlimited or Toll-Free Unlimited Outbound plans costs $64.95 per month. The table below shows the number of lines to sign up for and costs for some representative scenarios. To do this, simply email us to add the appropriate number of lines after you Sign up for Internet Fax on our web site.

Number of minutes Number of Lines Required Monthly Cost
0 - 5,000 1 $64.95
5,001 - 10,000 2 $129.90
10,001 - 15,000 3 $194.85

For greater than 15,000 minutes, a Carrier account is required (3 lines is the limit on these types of plans). Please see our Internet Fax for Carriers page for more information.

A: On the Unlimited or Unlimited Inbound plans, each line you buy allows you to receive one fax simultaneously. Additional lines can be added to the account to automatically have rollover between lines. Please Contact Us to have lines added to your account. All numbers on the account automatically share the capacity of all of the lines available on the account.

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