Fax Billing By The Minute

FAXAGE bills Internet Fax by the minute for actual line time utilized, not by the page for faxes sent or received.

Here are a few reasons why we do this:

  1. Your costs match our costs - it's fair for everyone involved
  2. While a one-page fax will take about a minute to transmit due to 'handshaking' (the time the fax machines spend squealing before they start sending pages), longer faxes will generally take a lot less than a minute per page. We find that 10-page faxes, for example, routinely transmit in 5 minutes or less. This means cost savings to you over pay-by-the-page services
  3. Providers that bill by the page generally charge an extra 'page' if a page takes longer than a minute to transmit. Effectively, then, these competitive offerings bill by the minute anyway, but in one-minute minimum per-page increments. FAXAGE, by contrast, bills a one-minute per-call minimum and then 6 second increments after the first minute. This often results in cost savings when compared 'apples to apples' with other services

Frequently Asked Questions about Fax Billing by the Minute

A: We charge a one-minute minimum on all calls that are actually answered. After the first minute, we bill in six-second increments. Call charges are rounded to the nearest tenth of a cent.
A: How long a fax takes depends on the complexity of the page as well as the speed and compression capabilities of the Fax machine that FAXAGE is receiving from and sending to. In a best-case scenario, where the page is simple and the remote machine is a high-end machine with capabilities similar to our equipment, pages can go across in under 10 seconds a page. An average estimate is about 30-45 seconds per page, taking into account the one-minute call minimum. For example, a one-page fax will always take at least one minute due to the call minimum, but 1 1/2 minutes would be a fair estimate for an 'average' two-page fax.
A: Because FAXAGE bills for actual line time utilized busy and no-answer calls are zero charge. Think of this like a cell phone, call time accumulates from when the other end answers the phone until hang up. We also rate calls that are less than 12 seconds to zero to help avoid charging our customers for 'wrong-number' calls where someone calls, hears the fax tone and then hangs up.

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