FAXAGE is the value leader in the Internet Fax service space. Ideal for small to medium business or home office use, FAXAGE frees you from the complexity of managing physical fax machines and phone lines as well as offers you the independence to receive and send faxes from any location.

Our Services

FAXAGE primarily serves small and medium business markets by offering Internet fax services designed for multiple users with multiple fax numbers on a single account.

The service also offers a scalable, wholesale Fax API service for large enterprises and ITSP or VoIP carriers who resell the services as their own branded electronic fax offering. See our Internet Fax Carrier Plan page for more information regarding wholesale accounts.

Our email fax, web fax, and API fax interfaces are available to any account, regardless of size. This makes FAXAGE a flexible electronic fax solution that can be tailored to business process requirements. FAXAGE also features industry-leading secure faxing options including SSL/TLS transport, PGP security and password-based security for faxes.

Our Company

FAXAGE is owned and operated by EC Data Systems, Inc., a Software as a Service (SaaS) company located in Denver, Colorado. Since 2002, EC Data Systems has been building quality, reliable solutions through our excellence in systems, databases, networks and telecommunications technology.

FAXAGE® is a registered trademark of EC Data Systems, Inc.

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