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Comparison Notes

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Pricing provided for comparison purposes and based on latest data available from competitive web sites as of 1/17/2017. Neither EC Data Systems nor FAXAGE is in any way associated with the above competitors or their parent companies. Trademarks in the eFax®, MyFax® and RingCentral® brand names are or may be owned by their respective parent companies (J2 Global, Inc. in the cases of eFax and MyFax and RingCentral, Inc. in the case of RingCentral) and are used here for identification purposes only. Users are encouraged to shop the competitive web sites shown directly in order to get the most up-to-date information. EFax pricing as shown is based on the 'eFax Plus' plan at $16.95/month base and the eFax customer agreement of .10 per page after 150 pages received per month and .10 per page for sending in the US after 150 pages. RingCentral pricing is based on the 'Fax 750' service at 14.99/month base (monthly rate), 750 combined pages with a .059 per page overage charge. MyFax pricing is based on the 'Best Value' account at 10.00/month base, 200 incoming and 100 outgoing pages with a .10 per page overage charge. 'Pages', for purposes of this comparison, are equated to minutes.

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