Secure Internet Fax

Security is more than just protecting information from loss (though we do that, too) - it's the ability to know that your information will be accessible to the right people in the right place at the right time. All the time. You need to be certain that each secure fax online is truly secure. With FAXAGE, you can be certain.

Internet Fax Security Highlights

  • Encryption options to protect against eavesdropping are available for email fax, online fax, print to fax, mobile app, and our API faxing interfaces.
  • Fax lines and folders within the web fax interface can be secured on a per-user basis.
  • We own and operate the FAXAGE Internet Fax infrastructure. Nothing is outsourced; allowing direct control.
  • All key FAXAGE systems are in a redundant configuration to ensure the reliability and availability of your faxes.
  • Our technical measures are capable of supporting SOX, HIPAA, and GLB requirements.
  • FAXAGE offers full Internet Fax System Auditing to ensure that you know what your users are doing with your data.
  • Our in-scope facilities and platforms have achieved HITRUST Certification, underscoring our commitment to appropriately managing risk

In most businesses, as well as in most personal lives, information is both important and highly sensitive. The last thing you want is to have unwanted visitors peeking at your documents without your permission. Whether you are trying to protect a trade secret, maintain client privilege, comply with regulatory requirements, or simply secure privacy for your information, FAXAGE provides the tools you need to have secure online fax documents. You wouldn't have it any other way, and neither will we.

To that end, every interface at your disposal comes with its own protections and encryption options. If you are using our email, you have the option to make each received fax password-protected, utilize PGP and/or our SSL/TLS enabled email gateways. If you prefer to use our website interface, your account and individual fax numbers come with the ability to restrict access by user. This makes it possible to control which fax documents are made available to colleagues, associates, and clients through your FAXAGE account.

The bottom line is, security is a top priority for us. We understand that your information is valuable, and you deserve to control whose eyes get to see it. With our secure online fax system, you have that control.

We also believe that security should be included, not extra. That's why all of these are standard features with every Internet Fax account at the same low cost.

For more details, download our Secure Internet Faxing Data Sheet or visit our online fax security FAQ

For information specific to HIPAA compliance, please visit our HIPAA Compliant Fax Solutions page.

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