FAXAGE Adds SSL Fax Capability

Denver, CO, April 28, 2023 - FAXAGE the value leader in Internet Fax Services, today announced that it has added capability for the SSL Fax protocol.

SSL Fax is an open standard that allows for fax equipment and services to communicate support with each other and, provided both ends of a call support it, transfer the page image data via a secure SSL/TLS connection rather than over the phone line. This results in:

  • Faster transmission times for faxes sent and received
  • Increased reliability, especially for lengthy faxes

This capability is negotiated as part of the normal fax train-up process and, thus, is transparent and automatically used whenever possible. There are no changes required for customers to take advantage of this new capability.

As FAXAGE bills by the minute for time utilized when sending faxes or receiving faxes, the increased speeds will directly benefit customers both in terms of faster delivery and in terms of reduced costs.

Besides sending and receiving faxes with other FAXAGE customers, the following services and software also support SSL Fax:

  • Any installation using HylaFAX+ versions 7.0.0 and later
  • Any installation using RelayFax Open Source Project r168 and later
  • Mainpine IQFSP and later
  • Mainpine's fax service (mainpine.com)
  • ZPaper (zpaper.com)
  • Hopefully, others in the industry will continue to add support over time!

For those interested in the technical details or possibly looking into implementing SSL Fax capability themselves, these are available at the SSL Fax home page.

FAXAGE is proud to continue to research and implement cutting edge capabilities that improve our customer experience.

Happy Faxing!

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