As of October 30, 2018 FAXAGE is offering single sign on (SSO) capability for logging in to the FAXAGE website using OneLogin or Microsoft Azure AD.

Single sign on or 'SSO' is a technology that allows for user accounts to be maintained with a service provider known as an Identity Provider or IDP, and for those accounts to be used to log in to third party applications such as FAXAGE, which are known as Service Providers or SP's. Two commonly used IDP's are OneLogin and Microsoft Azure AD.

Customers can leverage SSO to maintain their user accounts in one place, enhance compliance with security policies by maintaining consistency of user accounts and the authentication and access policies that apply to them, etc.

FAXAGE is pleased to offer SAML integration with OneLogin and Azure AD in order to allow FAXAGE customers to leverage SSO capability to log in directly to the FAXAGE web portal without having to enter additional credentials.

If this is of interest to you, please Contact Us to have SSO turned on for your account.

Happy secure faxing!

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