Faxing in a Hybrid or Remote Work Environment

Though remote work was once a rare engagement, post-pandemic, a whopping 19 million workers in the United States now work from home, according to U.S. News. Another 28.2% of the workforce follows a hybrid work model, as reported by Forbes.

As a significant portion of the workforce looks to remain in a remote or hybrid model, teams need to stay connected for strong collaboration and productivity, even if they’re not sitting right next to each other in the office. With the help of reliable technology like online or mobile faxing from FAXAGE, teams working in a hybrid or remote work setup can maintain their connectivity with quick, secure, and convenient document sharing.

Though there is no telling exactly what the future of remote work might look like over the next decade, the reality is that the modern workforce and nature of professional interactions will continue to evolve. Undoubtedly, secure and effective communication channels like internet faxing, videoconferencing, emailing, messaging platforms, and others will continue to power team productivity and keep employees up-to-date on the latest developments within the organization.

Understanding Hybrid and Remote Work Environments

The modern work environment looks different than it once did. In fact, today’s professional landscape is quite unique from how things were a mere five years ago. With better connectivity through the internet, today’s teams can be spread across the country or even the globe, no longer limited by the need for geographical proximity.

Whether a person works full-time from home or follows a hybrid blend of in-office and remote work, a growing number of employers offer these flexible work arrangements to help employees choose when and where they want to work.

With the evolving landscape of the modern workforce, commonly used pieces of office equipment have also been revolutionized for today’s work environment. A prime example of this is the fax machine. Traditional fax machines are bulky, require frequent repairs, and can vary widely in transmission quality. In other words, this is not a convenient piece of equipment to have and maintain in a home office.

Not to mention, when you receive a fax through the traditional method, you get a physical document that must be stored away in a filing cabinet or other similar storage bin, creating a space issue for people with a home office. On the contrary, using an internet faxing service allows you to send and receive digital files instead, making it easy to store and access all documents online.

For this reason, online faxing has largely grown in popularity over recent years, allowing remote or hybrid workers to send and receive faxes from virtually any internet-connected device. So no matter where a professional is working from, they no longer need to be near a fax machine to securely transmit important documents.

Introducing FAXAGE: An Overview of Online/Email Fax Services

If you’re looking for an online fax service to help you send and receive faxes with ease, look no further than FAXAGE. Our service is highly versatile and allows remote workers to transmit faxes via email, website, mobile app, or API.

Specifically with the FAXAGE mobile fax app, remote workers can take faxing on the go and are no longer tethered to their desktop, laptop, or fax machine. Our mobile app supports:

  • Sending faxes in PDF, PNG, or JPG formats
  • Sending photos from your mobile device as scanned faxes
  • Receiving faxes directly to your mobile device
  • Signing and annotating received faxes
  • Sending newly signed and annotated documents
  • Tracking and searching sent/received faxes
  • Importing files to fax from iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox

Above all, we offer value-leading price and performance, with each plan supporting unlimited users and online fax storage at no additional cost. In practice, this means remote users can reliably scale to millions of faxes per month, all from one affordable account. This is even true for small and medium-sized remote teams, as one single FAXAGE account can support multiple users and fax numbers.

For larger enterprises, ITSP, or VoIP carriers, we have a scalable, wholesale Fax API service for those who offer their own branded electronic fax offering.

Security in Remote Faxing

Remote workers and their employers may have concerns about the security of using an online faxing service to send and receive faxes containing sensitive information. However, using a long-standing, reputable provider like FAXAGE ensures all data transmitted via online faxing is kept confidential. In fact, we have a proven track record of delivering a quality, reliable, and secure online fax service since 2004.

We’ve implemented industry-leading secure faxing options including SSL/TLS transport, PGP security, and password-based security to prevent unauthorized access to your data. The following are the various security and encryption options available through FAXAGE, including:

  • SSL/TLS encryption for all web and API-based faxing
  • SSL/TLS email transport encryption
  • SSL/TLS secured Print to Fax print driver
  • SSL/TLS secured Fax App for iOS and Android
  • Password-protected incoming fax PDFs
  • PGP support for email fax sending and receiving
  • Email link for secure download of incoming faxes

You can have peace of mind knowing all of our fax service plans are compliant with HIPAA, SOX, and GLB regulatory requirements. So, you won’t have to pay for a special plan to access these security features.

Not to mention, our in-scope facilities and platforms have achieved HITRUST Certification, underscoring our commitment to thorough risk management. We even offer full Internet Fax System Auditing so you know what users are doing with your data.

Workflow Optimization with FAXAGE

One of the biggest advantages of using FAXAGE’s online faxing service is that it can help optimize remote teams’ workflows on a daily basis. This starts with better accessibility since our users can access email fax, web fax, and API fax interfaces from any account. In turn, online faxing eliminates the need for physical access to a traditional fax machine, which people typically do not have in a home office.

Online faxing is compatible with traditional fax machines, so you can still send or receive faxes from people who are using the standard method. Even though you may be upgrading to more convenient faxing, your ability to fax others will not be impacted, no matter the device they use.

In addition, since FAXAGE allows you to send and transmit documents electronically, you can fax more quickly and efficiently, saving the time you would normally spend printing, scanning, and physically faxing documents to the recipient.

Plus, efficiencies from online faxing extend to cost savings, as the subscription-based pricing model that FAXAGE offers is more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining a traditional fax machine in your remote work setup.

Mobile Faxing: Empowering Remote Workers

Remote and hybrid work is not going away any time soon, so teams need to give their faxing practices a modern upgrade with internet faxing services. This offers a more streamlined approach to faxing and makes it more accessible for those who are working from home.

We have an Individual plan, best for occasional to modern fax needs and personal or lower volume business use. In general, if you fax 600 minutes or less each month, the Individual plan is a good fit for your needs. FAXAGE also offers internet faxing services for businesses, which are designed for moderate to heavy fax use in a home office, and small or medium-sized organizations.

Every FAXAGE account has access to the same business-grade system, features, security, and support. This includes access to unlimited email addresses, unlimited online fax storage, and industry-leading security options. So, no matter the size of your team or type of account, you can access professional and secure online faxing services with FAXAGE. Our fax plans are all month-to-month, so you’re never locked into an annual contract.

Redefining Faxing in a Digital Work Landscape

Using an internet faxing service like FAXAGE is a game changer for hybrid or remote teams. FAXAGE allows users to securely send and receive faxes from their email, website, mobile app, or API–essentially anywhere they have internet access.

Through FAXAGE, users can share one or more fax lines from one single account, with no limitations or additional costs. At affordable monthly prices and incredible account flexibility, teams of all sizes can generate favorable cost savings by switching to FAXAGE.

If you’re looking for a more convenient and seamless way to send and receive faxes as a remote worker, consider FAXAGE, a leading provider of online fax services.

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