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At FAXAGE, we're all about saving money. After all, that's part and parcel of being the value-leader in Internet Fax.

The other part of the value parcel, though, is quality at the right price. While there are many fantastic commercial software products out there that we couldn't live without from day to day, there are also a host of free tools and utilities that make our lives easier, more productive, or just plain less annoying and more enjoyable.

Check out our staff members' picks. Who knows, you may be inspired to download that next 'indispensable' tool for yourself!

Corey - Systems Support and LNP

  • Mozilla Thunderbird - Thunderbird is a free email client from the Mozilla project; the people who make the Firefox web browser. It's relatively fast (as fast as email clients ever are), supports both IMAP and POP and their secure variants, and has a host of add-ons for Calendaring, Task Lists and other common 'email' functions.
  • Evernote - Okay, Evernote isn't really software, but it's still really cool and useful. A free web-based service that lets you store notes, tasks, events, etc. and access them from any device wherever you are. Helpful in keeping your life organized.

Christian - Co-Founder

  • PrimoPDF - Like a lot of the best tools, PrimoPDF does a simple task and does it well. Essentially, this software installs a 'printer' on your computer that, when you print to to it, creates a PDF file of whatever you're printing and lets you save it. The ability to turn anything you can print into a PDF is, of course, highly useful when using a fax service, such as FAXAGE. That said, it's also great for exchanging contracts originally written in Word or another application and getting documents out to folks on smart phones, tablets and other devices that don't necessarily have the same programs you do. The makers of this software also offer a commecial version - NitroPro - which adds PDF editing, markup, sharing, and other features.

Benjie - Systems Administration and Support

  • OpenOffice - On the opposite end of the spectrum from Christian's pick, Benjie's recommendation is for OpenOffice; a very large piece of software that does many things. This software is a complete office suite including a word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation program (think Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint). The word processor and spreadsheet are both capable of loading and saving Microsoft Office formats (Word doc/docx and Excel xls/xlsx). For some, this works as a replacement for Microsoft Office at a much more affordable price tag.

Edward - Co-Founder

  • CamScanner - Android Phone | Android Tablet | Apple iOS Devices - CamScanner is an application that allows you to use the camera on your phone or tablet as a document scanner. The application is available for both the Android and Apple platforms. It has enhancement modes, black and white, grey scale and color modes, straightening, batch modes - really all the features you could want - and allows you to save your documents as a PDF. CamScanner has both a free and pay-for version. The free version allows you to evaluate the software and is fully functional but limits the number of scans and puts a watermark on the document. The pay for version removes water-marking of your documents and all limitations on scanning, document length, etc. If you need to scan documents on the go and don't want to lug around a laptop and travel document scanner, this is an excellent solution.

What about you?

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