Internet Fax Security Auditing Released by FAXAGE

As of March 1, 2017, FAXAGE is offering a security auditing system that allows clients to track all usage within their FAXAGE account.

System auditing is a key capability in supporting compliance, especially with outsourced or cloud based services. For example, a client may have many users in their office who might download copies of faxes from the FAXAGE system. With the system auditing capability in place, a manager could review how potentially confidential faxes are being accessed and retrieved over the Internet from FAXAGE. The capabilities extend to all user actions that can be taken via FAXAGE's website, email or API interfaces, creating a comprehensive trail that can be leveraged for compliance and accountability when utilizing FAXAGE as an outsourced, cloud fax platform. Operationally, the audit trail can also be utilized for the client's internal troubleshooting and support activities.

Audit logs can be accessed in the FAXAGE website under Admin -> Reports -> Audit Logs. Documentation is available on our Fax Documentation page.


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