Enhanced fax spam blocking features

As of March, 2014, FAXAGE is offering the ability to use the Caller ID Blacklist feature to block whole area codes or exchanges from sending faxes to your Internet fax account.

Previously, the blacklist was available to block specific numbers that sent spam or unwanted faxes from faxing in the future - Saving time, aggravation and money on fax charges for unwanted calls.

Why do this?
We've added these features in response to customer feedback that it would be helpful to be able to block spam and unwanted faxes on more than a onesy-twosy basis.

How do I use it?
The Caller ID Blacklist is managed in your FAXAGE account under 'Admin' -> 'Incoming Fax Settings' -> 'Caller ID Blacklist'.

What's new?
We've added capabilities to block:
  • An entire area code - If you know someone from there wouldn't be faxing you anyway.
  • A specific exchange - The first six digits of a phone number. Useful for spammers who have a block of numbers.

The existing capabilities are still in place:

  • Block all unidentified callers - Folks who don't provide caller ID.
  • Block a specific number from sending you faxes.


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