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SSL Fax speeds transmission and improves reliability for faxes sent and received between FAXAGE customers and between FAXAGE and other platforms that support SSL Fax

The data center facilities, office facilities and server platforms involved in providing the FAXAGE services have earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST.

Professionals weigh in on the importance of online faxing in various industries and the difference it makes for streamlining their communications.

Mobile app released for iOS and Android

COVID-19 & Cloud Faxing: How Online Faxing Serves Essential Industries

FitSmallBusiness adds review of FAXAGE

2018-10-30 - FAXAGE Adds SSO Read more

FAXAGE Adds SSO Capabilities for OneLogin and Azure AD

FAXAGE Responds to Faxploit Vulnerability Report

Internet Fax Security Auditing Released by FAXAGE

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Internet Fax Numbers in Vancouver British Columbia added by FAXAGE

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FAXAGE adds enhanced fax spam blocking features

FAXAGE offers toll free online fax numbers in the new 844 area code

Tech tip on how to do secure email faxing via PGP with Thunderbird

FAXAGE will start offering toll free 844 online fax numbers in December 2013

Free software tools that FAXAGE staff use daily

Helpful tips for producing the best online fax output from scanned documents

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