FAXAGE Billing Policy

FAXAGE Internet Fax bills once a month on the first of each month for the prior month's charges in arrears. For example, if you receive an invoice on the March 1st, that invoice is for your usage in the month of February. We email you an invoice copy for your records as well as storing your invoice history in our website so that you can review your invoices at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Billing

A: We bill on the first of every month for the prior month's service in arrears. When your account is initially created, the setup fee is charged immediately and the account is given a pro-rated credit so that you only pay for the portion of the first month when you actually had the service.
A: All usage on FAXAGE is month-to-month. We do not offer long-term contracts.
A: FAXAGE bills by automatic credit/debit card billing. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
A: In order to keep prices as low as possible on our system, FAXAGE bills only via credit card. This helps us to avoid the overhead associated with manual billing processes.
A: Our website provides a 'Reports' option under our 'Admin' tools. This allows you to see month-to-date realtime usage and charges as well as call detail records for all calls inbound and outbound to/from your account.
A: Because FAXAGE bills by the minute for actual utilization and not by the page, all calls that result in time on the line are billed. Think of this like a cellphone - if it's busy or the other end doesn't answer, then that doesn't count, but if the other end picks up the phone, then the call counts towards minutes used until one side or the other hangs up.

In order to help our customers with 'wrong number' calls, FAXAGE rates calls less than 12 seconds to a zero-charge, since a fax would not typically be established and sent in under 12 seconds.

Something to keep in mind with respect to this is that minute billing works in your favor on almost every call because fax pages typically do not take a full minute to transmit. Thus, overall, we find that our customers save money over per-page billing methods. See Internet Fax by Minutes versus Pages for more details.
A: Yes. Since our billing is in arrears (see above), you will be liable for charges up to the date of cancellation, but there are no penalties or further liabilities associated with cancelling your account.

In order to cancel, simply send an email to support@faxage.com requesting cancelation with your login, fax number or 'Company' number so that we can locate your account. You will receive an email response from us for your records once your account has been closed.

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