Receiving Faxes Through Email

With the FAXAGE online faxing service, there are three different ways to send and receive faxes: website, email, and API. For many of our users, it's preferable to use a combination of some or all of these options. In practice, one of the most commonly appreciated features is the ability to receive fax via email.

Here's how to receive a fax to email:

  1. Anyone with a fax machine can dial your FAXAGE number and our system will receive the fax, just as a regular fax machine would.
  2. Once the fax is received, it is automatically converted into a PDF; or a TIFF Image if you have changed your account settings to use TIFF instead.
  3. The fax is emailed to one or more email addresses (aka fax to email), automatically accessible through our mobile fax app, and is stored in the FAXAGE website for retrieval. See our Receiving a Fax Through FAXAGE video for instructions related to downloading faxes from the website.

We also offer an API method for programmers to build fax receive capabilities into their applications. Please visit Internet Fax API Documentation for details and example code.

Frequently Asked Questions about Receiving Faxes

A: Local fax numbers will accept incoming calls from any location. Toll free fax numbers will only accept incoming calls from the US 50 states and Canada.
A: You can create as many 'users' (each with an email address) as you like within your account. There is no additional charge for additional users. Routing may be to as many of your users as you like for each phone number associated with your account. An integrated set of 'Admin' tools within our website allow you to control who gets copies of faxes on a per-fax-number basis.
A: You will be assigned a local phone number in the supported area code of your choice. At this time, we support most markets in the 50 United States, plus Washington D.C., Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, Canada as well as Toll-Free (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833) numbers. These are regular phone numbers just like you would have with a phone line. See the Local fax numbers in stock list for a list of local exchanges in stock. If you do not see your local area on our list, we would appreciate knowing about your interest in adding support. Please Contact FAXAGE to let us know about it.
A: Yes. The signup process first asks you to select an exchange (first six digits of the phone number). The second step in the signup process allows you to pick the specific number you would like from our in-stock numbers in the exchange you have selected.
A: We support porting in local markets that we serve. Fax number porting or the 'porting' link on the main website can check to see if your existing fax number is in a local area we serve. FAXAGE also supports toll-free fax number porting - please Contact Us for the required form to port an existing toll-free fax number. There is a one-time $20.00 charge to offset our costs for porting your number. The charge will only be assessed after we successfully port your number. Note that you must sign up for an account before you can initiate the porting process. We will trade your number for the one we assign to the account once the porting process is complete. You can, however, check availability using our porting link without signing up first.

A Closer Look

Let's delve into the option to receive fax through email a little more closely. Imagine that you've got a document that you and an associate are sending back and forth with changes each time. From your end, you simply send it to the target's fax number plus the domain faxage.com.

Once your partner received the document and made some changes, he or she could send it back to you at your FAXAGE number. If you're set up to receive fax to email, it's as simple as checking your email. Our service automatically converts a received fax into a PDF or TIFF for editing, printing, or viewing on your screen, so you can open the email you received and immediately get to work with the document.

In terms of the price you pay to receive fax to email, you'll find that an online fax service is much more affordable than the traditional way ever was. Plus, Internet faxing comes with new conveniences and features, like the ability to send multiple faxes simultaneously, or view your faxes on the go with a tablet computer or smart phone.

You can enjoy some excellent features on the website that make your life a lot easier, such as tracking all sent and received faxes, security options, and unlimited online storage. From the ability to receive fax through email to the exclusive website features, FAXAGE brings faxing to a whole new level of ease and affordability.

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